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Uncovering Truth on the Boarder

Uncovering Truth on the Border…

Life in a border community has never been easy, and it’s become a lot more difficult now. The increasing polarization in the US and the wave of political change Mexico is facing after the current round of sweeping elections has brought more uncertainty, fear and fluctuation to the frontier than in a generation.

We live here and we know the truth about these streets, calles, tiendas and shops. They are filled with our friends and people we depend on. Our goal is to give kids and their communities a voice so that they can tell the truth about where the live and how they see the world. We believe fundamentally that a little understanding goes a long way.

How It Works

The border is not what you think it is and is much more complex than what you hear in the news. There are people who live here and kids that go to school here. Often what seem like abstract policies to those from other parts of the country create tangible, concrete barriers in our communities. We feel we have a moral responsibility to tell the story of our community and try to take control of the narrative people think they know all the ins and outs of. Here is the story of how we got started in Ambos Nogales.

Digital Stories

Our digital stories give our kids the ability to talk about and share how they see the world. Their experiences are unique, vibrant and closer to the truth than anything coming out of Washington. Further, by teaching our student-athletes how to talk about what they see and what they know we give them agency in their community, something severely lacking on both sides of the border.