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Connecting Community Resources

Connecting Community Resources…

We work with a huge range of partners on both sides of the border to make sure kids have a safe place to be and that they are healthy both mentally and physically. Our partnerships range from helping kids eat healthy and get enough activity to avoid obesity to taking our methodology for storytelling to other educational outlets around the area to help kids with everything from communication to mental health problems.

It is easy to tell the story of the challenges kids face. We are focused on creating strong, resilient communities that give kids and the adults opportunities to create the lives, lifestyles and futures they deserve.

How It Works

It takes a village, or so they saying goes. In border communities, kids are extremely vulnerable to powerful, often transnational forces that operate in their proximity. So it takes a village, and a wealth of community partners, to help raise up kids who live here. That means working with partners who are adjacent to the work we are doing and using our program as a hub, to share learnings, drive publicity and give kids access to the resources they need to thrive.

Storytelling Workshops

We host storytelling workshops that allow partners to get together and collaborate on videos that lay out who they are, what they believe and where they are going. These workshops create the connections and develop and uncover synergies that strengthen the fabric of these communities and allow leaders to share best practices.

Gail Emerick

We also work with governmental and non-governmental partners to tackle major health initiatives. For example, Gail Emerick from Southeast Arizona Health Education Center (SEAHEC) works with us to tackle a number of health initiatives including obesity treatment and prevention.