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Hilighting Intercultural connection

Highlighting Intercultural Connections…

BYTE believes that no matter where you are people are more alike than different. That’s why we focus on working to turn differences in culture into opportunities to teach folks about communities on the border and hundreds of miles away.

With offices in, Arizona, Sonora, and California we see a lot of the different sides of both the border stories themselves and also how these narratives are perceived by the greater public. We want to foster the willingness we see in both Mexicans and Americans to learn and better understand one another and ultimately to connect in a meaningful way.

How It Works

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Our storytelling philosophy and techniques have gained attention on both sides of the border. Our Academic Director Jacksubeli Gonzalez has been asked to teach storytelling workshops with many institutions, including at the National Pedagogical University in Nogales Sonora, to help teach more teachers to understand the empowering capabilities of storytelling.

Creating Lasting Connections

It’s hard to understand someone you’ve never met. That’s why we’re focused on bridging the gap between the rest of American and it’s border communities. We bring kids down from the San Francisco Bay Area and other parts of the country to see what life is like on the border. The kids see that though communities may be very different the sport they love is exactly the same.

Jacksubeli Gonzalez

Jacksubeli studied intercultural education and found that BYTE gave her the right tool set to help kids to share their stories and talk about how, what, and why their experiences make them who they are. Her history of activism and advocacy for her community have lead her to be one of the leading voices for BYTE on both sides of the border.