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Where we work: Ambos Nogales

Ambos Nogales

The urban area of greater Nogales is historically a single culturally linked ethnolinguistic community that has been split by the US-Mexican border between the states of Arizona (US) and Sonora (Mexico). Nogales, Arizona and its sister city Nogales, Sonora are still commonly referred to as "Ambos Nogales"—meaning "both" or "together." Evolving US immigration policy has progressively increased security and enforcement in the last three decades.

Although separated by immense physical barriers, communities in Ambos Nogales share similar social and public health concerns as well as dangerous proximity to transnational illicit networks. Border youth in both cities confront high poverty, underfunded public schools, and high rates of teen pregnancy, substance abuse, obesity, and diabetes. Beyond these structural challenges, border children also face powerful media rhetoric that often vilifies and misrepresents their communities as part of an ever-intensifying political landscape. BYTE strives to undermine these potentially traumatic under-currents by promoting positive work being done by local actors and by providing training and platforms so border residents can craft and share truthful stories from their lives. 

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Program Sites

Casa Hogar para Ninas la Madre Conchita


Centro Juvenil Don Bosco


Desarollo Integral para la Familia


Anza Park


Boys & Girls Club of Santa Cruz County