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Overview Page

What we do…

The popular notion of border communities is that they are broken, dangerous, drug infested areas where no one in their right mind would want to spend time.  

However, in our experience, we’ve found the opposite. Our communities are filled with vibrant, brilliant, innovative people working together to solve problems brought on by complex externalities.

BYTE is focused in helping to usher in the next wave of leadership for these communities in five core values and activities.


Creating a Safe Place

We use tennis to keep kids off the street and build teamwork and selfesteem


Maximizing Opportunity

We focus on digital literacy, healthy lifestyles and expressiness to help kids better experience the world.


Highlighting Intercultural Connection

We see the border like a big tennis net. We a constantly hosting matches on both sides and showing kids that their story is not what they see on the news.


Connecting Community Resources

Whether it's fighting obesity, connecting family members or helping orphans with a sense of community BYTE is here to help.


Uncovering Truth on the Boarder

We see tennis as a metaphor for the board issue itself. Lots of back and forth but the same goals