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Maximizing Opportunity

Maximizing Opportunity…

Harvard’s Opportunity Atlas has found that, without intervention, kids that are born in poor zip codes stay poor. BYTE’s exists to to interceed and intervene on behalf of kids in poor border communities. Our educational and development model place an emphasis on self-esteem and teamwork, critical pieces for empowerment.

Beyond that we work with partners in the local business and educational community to create exposure to opportunities that would be siloed or otherwise unavailable on both sides of the border. Our goal is to show kids success and make kids successful…

How It Works

Here’s a quick overview of how our program works and what we are doing to create the connections, opportunities and outcomes communities on both sides of the border need.

Roberto Burboa

Meet Roberto Burboa, BYTE’s Tennis Director. Roberto understands the risks and outcomes that a lack of opportunity creates, drugs, crime and poverty are a part of the landscape in which he lives. That said he sees a better way forward and that’s why he’s here working with BYTE.

Alma Cota de Yanez

We work with the business community to generate new opportunities La Fundacion Empresariado Sonorense (FESAC). We allow kids to see that their future holds great opportunities for them if they stay on the path of education. Partners like this are really important for us to be able to open doors, and show kids that success is possible in border communities.